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Isadora Cortina
Isadora Cortina


Alernative / Rock / Pop

Isadora Says:

I really got impressed that there were such a big community with Cortina,  it´s awesome!

Sadly, the thing is that the songs are covers not originals at the moment.

Maybe soon I´ll be in a band and we could use some of those songs instead of my karaoke covers.

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Cortina Band, Norway


Americana / Country / Rock

Cortina Says:

Hopefully we´ll release our first album in August 2007

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Red Cortinas
Red Cortinas


Reggae / New Wave / Pop Punk

Will says:

Well we wanted to be specific... the Cortina itself is a specific Classic car - but it went through a stage of being uncool, so did reggae in this country.... it is now coming back in rather like the Cortina.... and Red just makes it more obvious that we are a 'specific' type of breed... yet thoroughly Classic!

The Cortinas
The Cortinas


Rock n Roll

Paul Says

"Regarding Music we only released one single in 1968 called "Phoebe's Flower Shop"

We were the orginal Cortina band, named after the success of the Mk1 Ford Cortina and with big influences from the Bettles."

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The Cortinas
The Cortinas


Indie / Rock / Pop

The Cortinas

Nath Says:

We were looking for an "iconic" symbol, or something that was very British around this period. As you probably know, Kev and myself are brothers, and our very cool Dad was a Ford Cortina fanatic when we were kids. We always had Cortinas as family cars (every model in fact!). So basically that is it! It is a cool name for a band, and the fact that it is easy for people to remember is a bonus.

It wasn't until we had been together for about a year that we realised that there was, and had been other bands who had used the name. By this time we had already built up a good following and really didn't want to change our name.


Cortina Whiplash

South Africa

A hot girl band from South Africa that have curves to match the Ford Cortina's...

Well worth a listen"...

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Web Site:!/cortinawhiplash

Cortina Deluxx Band UNITED KINGDOM

Alternative / Acoustic / Folk

Jojo Thomas (vocals, piano, chord organ) and Danny Norbury (cello) have known each other for over ten years, but only started playing music together in the spring of 2005.

More time passed before they finally emerged from those early sessions to perform in public for the first time, appearing under various names: Mitten Blue; Jo and Danny; The Cortina Club; before finally settling on Cortina Deluxx, the name inspired by the little chord organ used on two of the five tracks appearing on there EP. The duo soon became a trio with the addition of Jon Thorne (Lamb, Martha Tilston, Lou Rhodes) on double bass. (Picture left).

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Cortina Band NEW ZEALAND

Trance / Classic Rock / Jam Band

Ace Says;
"Yeah cool we used the name Cortina as bogans (meatheads? wild rednecks that listen to metal and drink crap beer-metal heads, what ever your equal is over there) hot up the Cortina car, they put V8s in them etc.. it was a bit of post modern irony that we named our band Cortina for that reason".
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