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World of Cortina where you will find a plethera of retro information and memorabilia on everything associated with the word Cortina including:
The 1956 Cortina Winter Olympics, the Town Cortina in Italy and everything you want to know about the Ford Cortina Car.

Our Aim

Our aim is to catalogue and preserve the Cortina name for future generations. To explain the importance of Cortina and the impact it has on the world today. By going behind the scenes we can build a picture of how life was through the years, also how the Cortina name grew into a world leader.



We look at the Ford Cortina car from a different angle. Seeing it in it's many different forms to show you how it fitted in society and cultures around the world. Also including the Ford Taunus (Cortina) 1970 - 82 ?

Ford Cortina further information

Ford Cortina


The town of Cortina lies in the north of Italy a short distance from the Austrian border. For at least the past 100 years it has been a favourite retreat for sports due to the spectacular scenery of the valley that the town is situated in. Looking at how the towns way of life has changed over the years as it grows into international status.

Cortina Town further information

Cortina Town


The 1956 Winter Olympics were the turning point for the town. There were challenges to overcome with poor snowfall, so the Italian army were called in to help with the snow moving so the event could go ahead for the 32 countries taking part.

Cortina Winter Olympics 50th Anniversary starts 26 January 2006

Cortina Olympics
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